Exciting Online Baccarat at CryptoThrills

Step into a time machine, head back a few centuries, and you’ll discover that Baccarat was once reserved exclusively for wealthy high rollers. Not for any particular reason, since the casino game works just as well with low wagers as it does high wagers. It was just that, as always, the upper class felt like they need something that was just for them. But times changed, and now anyone can play online Baccarat.

Anyone can also play online Baccarat using cryptocurrency at CryptoThrills, which is something even those old school high rollers couldn’t manage. That’s right, at CryptoThrills Casino we deal exclusively in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. Everyone is welcome and we’re happy to have you, assuming that you’re committed to using alternative digital currency.

Understanding Baccarat Online

But what exactly is Baccarat, and how does it work? The interesting thing about this game is that it shares many of the same rules as Blackjack, almost as if someone took the Blackjack formula and bumped it up a few notches.

The idea is that the player and house go head to head, with the hand getting as close as possible to 9 winning. This sounds almost exactly like Blackjack, but it isn’t all as simple as it seems on the surface. First and foremost, the player actually has nothing to do with how his or hand turns out at all. The dealer handles everything, meaning that there is no option to stand, hit, split, or anything of that nature. Cards are simply dealt, and a winning hand declared.

But does this mean that online Baccarat is nothing more than an elaborate form of slots? Are there no decisions to be made at all?

How To Place Baccarat Bets

No, there are decisions to be made, and this is where the online casino game gets very interesting. Bets can be put on the player’s hand, and the house hand, or on a tie. There are, after all, only ever these 3 outcomes to a round. To be clear; there is no obligation at all to bet on the player hand.

But then this starts to seem a bit redundant. Isn’t betting on either hand the same odds? No, there are differences that make online Baccarat far deeper than it seems on the surface. A bet on the house hand has a slightly higher chance of winning, with the trade-off being that a payout is also slightly lower. A winning bet on the player hand will payout 1 to 1, while on the house hand a winning payout is 0.95 to 1.

Betting on a tie, while only having around a 9.6% chance of winning, pays out a massive 8 to 1. So for those that really enjoy risky bets the tie is always available.

Play Like The Nobility

Online Baccarat is an excellent game that has far more going on that meets the eye. It may have once been for wealthy nobility once, but at CryptoThrills everyone is considered nobility. We welcome everyone, no matter how much they decide to bet, though do insist that bets are made in cryptocurrency.

Welcome, and we hope you enjoy your time with us.