Outstanding Online Slots at CryptoThrills

Step into any land-based casino in the world and the ambience will be overwhelming, the sound of slots. These incredibly diverse and flexible casino games come in numerous different themes, with countless gameplay mechanics, and are all a ton of fun. Though, at CryptoThrills we not only offer a massive selection of online slots, but we also accept bets, and make payouts, in cryptocurrency. That’s right, every one of our online slots is specifically designed to accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin.

We’re proud to be a cryptocurrency-focused casino and consider ourselves to be iGaming pioneers. We’re sure that you are likewise happy with being on the cutting edge of innovation as far as currency is concerned.

It’s a good thing then that you found CryptoThrills Casino then, because together we can blaze a trail into a Bitcoin future.

A World Of Slots Online Entertainment

Is there any other genre in the world as diverse and flexible as slots?

From one game to the next, players can be swept away into a completely new reality, almost like slipping into a parallel universe. One second the focus is on fishing on a serene lake, and in the next moment we are in the American wilderness looking at buffalo. It is simply a matter of seeing what is available, making a choice, and letting reality transform into something unexpected.

At CryptoThrills we embrace how diverse online slots are and have done our best to offer something from every genre. The only problem is that, given how many options there are, it can be a challenge to find a specific theme, right? It would be difficult were all the real money slots on our site not arranged conveniently via theme.

Anyone looking for a slot theme in particular can use our convenient dropdown menu, making navigation a breeze. Some of the genres included are;

  • Adventure
  • Animal
  • Crime
  • Eastern
  • Egyptian
  • Scary
  • Sports
  • Wild West

Our Top Reel Spinners

So given the massive selection, how does a player jump to the best currently available? Well, given that we are adding new titles on a regular basis the top online slots may vary. But, as it stands some of the most popular games include Zeus Rising, Return Of Ra, The Cash King, Well Oil Be, Great White Buffalo, Miami Dice, Reel Xtreme, Trick Or Treat, Dead Bears, 7 Chakras, and many more.

Each has its own unique graphics, gameplay mechanics, and bonuses, so the only way to understand each game is to try it out. But that is part of the fun; jumping in, trying it out, and seeing if it is something special.

Understanding RTP

Smart reel spinners that visit CryptoThrills may already have heard about Return To Player (RTP.) RTP refers to the theoretical amount that an online slot will give back to the player over a period of time. So, 98% is high, indicating that 98% of all cryptocurrency put into the game will eventually be given back. That is why many only go for high RTP, given that it can mean more payouts.

We’ll leave that up to you to discover, though certainly applaud players that go the extra mile in getting their payouts with slots for real money at CryptoThrills.