The CryptoThrills Online Keno Selection

Ask a handful of gambling enthusiasts what their favourite casino game is and few, if any, will even mention online Keno. It is an often-overlooked game but is slowly starting to gain some recognition. The biggest hurdle for most players is that they simply don’t know how it works, which is a shame. Online Keno shares similar rules to national lotteries, though with significantly higher chances of payouts being awarded. We at CryptoThrills love the game and are proud to offer it to our cryptocurrency using player base.

CryptoThrills is a 100% cryptocurrency dedicated casino, so no matter if you decide to play online Keno, slots, or any of our other games, all bets and payouts are in alternative currencies. We support Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. Welcome, we are happy to have you and are thrilled that you decided to use CryptoThrills.

Understanding Keno Online

National lotteries are fun but they have a major flaw. Namely that they are almost impossible to win. But what if we took the same basic rules, tweaked them a bit, and made the game significantly more generous? Why, then you’d have online Keno.

The idea is simple; pick your lucky numbers, let the computer draw random numbers, and get payouts for every match. No, you don’t get paid out only if all the numbers are a match, like in the lottery. You get paid out for every match. Sounds pretty good, right? After all, how many times have you played the lottery and wished that you’d get something for the matches that did occur?

You don’t have to wish anymore, you can just play Keno.

Playing Online Keno to Win Big

The idea is that bets can be put on the chosen numbers, but with bigger payouts made depending on how many picks are made. The less picks, the bigger the payouts. Hence the trick is to choose fewer numbers and really rake in the payouts when a match does occur. Plus, yes, if all the picks match you can expect some big payout action.

The instinct of many newcomers is to choose as many numbers as possible. This does give a better chance of a match occurring, but also reduces payouts. Hence it is a matter of risk versus reward, as with all gambling games. We prefer to take a little risk in hopes of bigger rewards, but how you approach online Keno is entirely a matter of preference.

Playing Keno Online on the Go

You can play at CryptoThrills on a PC or laptop but can also access the entire site on a mobile device. Regardless if your device is Android or iOS, all our games are fully compatible, meaning that everyone is welcome.

Also don’t forget that a single account will work on all device, offering supreme convenience. Sign up on a PC, play on Android, then switch over to iOS. The same account will work across the board. It’s the sort of user-friendly interface that we pride ourselves on.