Online Blackjack Action at CryptoThrills

There are those that are okay with letting gambling be a matter of luck, and then there are those that are all about skill. Online Blackjack is, by far, the most skill-based casino game we have at CryptoThrills. Yes, it is possible to play the game based on nothing but instinct, and we applaud those that are brave enough to try. But without question those that face the game based on strategy are significantly more likely to walk away winners.

To put it simply; there is no substitute for a strategy when it comes to online Blackjack. Though, that doesn’t mean that Blackjack isn’t for you, if you prefer to not dedicate months of your life to memorising guides. There are plenty of strategies available online, and smart players will know to have a guide open when they start playing.

Understanding Blackjack Online Basics

Before you go searching for a guide, we’d like to do our part in helping newcomers get accustomed to the game. So first and foremost, what is the object of Blackjack? Why, it’s to get your hand as close to 21 as possible, right? No, it isn’t. This is where most newcomers get tripped up immediately.

The object of the game, in fact, is to get a hand closer to 21 than the house. Many newcomers tend to take crazy risks in order to get a hand value just a little higher, but that may not even be necessary. If the house goes bust, then a total of 14 would have been sufficient.

Instead, the best approach is to pay special attention to the Blackjack online dealer’s face up card. This card is face up for a reason, namely in that it gives important clues as to what the player should be aiming for. Any decent strategy guide will make this clear, and also explain what the player should be doing in order to beat the house hand.

No Fool-Proof Strategies

So we know that online Blackjack is a game of skill, and that smart CryptoThrills Casino players are more likely to win. But there is a very important factor to take into account; it is impossible to win every hand. It does indeed help to play the game smartly, and will certainly raise the probability of winning. But given that this is a game with incomplete information, there is always an element of luck involved.

Simply put; there is no player in the world that will win every hand. Losses are going to be a part of the experience, and must be dealt with appropriately. The best that anyone can do is endure losses, embrace wins, and aim to make more than is lost in the long run.

The best Blackjack players in the world will walk away with an account balance significantly in the green, and that is all that anyone can ask for.

Play Blackjack Online With Us Now

At CryptoThrills Casino we respect smart players, and so have a broad, interesting selection of online Blackjack on offer. All versions offered work based on the core rules of the game, though there are also a few interesting variations.

Tweaked rules and new betting options make an already classic game something new, and we give you the freedom to choose the version you find most entertaining.