Classic Online Roulette at CryptoThrills

Many would say that Roulette is the most iconic casino game in the world. Virtually everyone knows what it is and have an idea of how it works, regardless if they’ve even played it or not. That’s because, as far as gambling is concerned, it simply doesn’t get much more recognisable. At CryptoThrills we love online Roulette and are proud to offer as many versions as we can. Though, of course, each real money Roulette version still follows the core rules. There are a few simple tweaks and additional betting options available, providing an extra bit of entertainment for the adventurous.

However you decide to play, and no matter which Roulette online version you prefer, we are happy to have you. We are also happy to accept your Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin. We work exclusively with cryptocurrency, and as such all our games also pay out in cryptocurrency.

Understanding Online Roulette Rules

Yes, we just said that online Roulette is the most recognisable casino game in the world, but that doesn’t mean that everyone understands the rules exactly.

Let’s take a closer look.

It is first important to understand that Roulette is one of few gambling games that allows for multiple bets on every round. It is possible to put down a single lucky bet on a number, and bravo to those brave enough to do so. But such a bet really is going up against incredible odds. Instead a smart gambling enthusiasts will try and cover as much of the table as possible. For example, a bet can be put on a lucky number, on red or black, and on the first, second, or third twelve.

This way even if the lucky number bet fails, and it probably will, some return will likely still be seen on one of the other bets. This system can be repeated until eventually the lucky number bet does pay out.

European Versus American Roulette Online

Which do you prefer, the American or the European version of online Roulette? We at CryptoThrills prefer the European version, though anyone with sense would share the same preference. It is an undeniable fact that the European version is better for players, after all.

The American version of the game has an added zero pocket. This means that on top of the single zero, as is seen in the European version, there is also a double zero. The zeroes are not included in any other combination bet, which means that when they land it is almost certain that all bets on the table will fail.

So which do you prefer? One zero pocket, or two?

A Legendary Casino Classic

There is no other way to put it; online Roulette is a casino staple for a reason. Everyone that plays immediately appreciates that the game is a true manifestation of luck, combining nail-biting action with massive payout potential.

But now, at CryptoThrills, this casino icon can not only be enjoyed online, but also with support for alternative currencies. Better yet, why not also play on your mobile device for added convenience?

A big win with roulette could be waiting for you!