Dedicated CryptoThrills Android Casino App

There are those that are tied to their PC, forced to not leave a single spot while they play casino games. Then there are those that have an Android casino app.

Let’s face it, anchored computers are very last century, and anyone living in the present has all the computing power they need right in their pocket. We at CryptoThrills respect that fact, which is why we have a dedicated Android casino app. By just downloading the app you can cut the wires, go mobile, and have a portable, mobile casino. All it takes is a few moments of time.

Check out the Google Play Store, search for the CryptoThrills app, and you’re basically ready to go. The software can be downloaded and installed in under a minute. Though, you will have to have an account, of course. But don’t worry, registering is also a process that takes less than a minute. Once setup has been completed you can tap on the app, jump in, and start playing cryptocurrency powered casino games instantly.

Who said waiting in queue at the bank had to be boring, right?

Mobile Compatible Casino Games

But wait a second, are we saying that all our cutting edge slots and table games will work on a phone? Yes, that is exactly what we’re saying. Although our online casino games are cutting edge, and certainly look incredible, they will work on a modern mobile device. Each has been designed to work flawlessly on a smartphone, and we stand by that your gameplay experience will be enjoyable.

We partnered with a world class developer to make our Android casino app happen. Not only was each game designed with a mobile screen in mind, but each has also been evolved to work with cryptocurrency. That’s right, you can now wager and win Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin right on your android phone.

Pretty impressive, right?

Take Your Account With You

Guess what, you don’t even have to make a new account. We at CryptoThrills are all about convenience, which is why a single account will work across multiple devices. So, no matter what device you happen to be playing on today, all your account details will be carried over.

All that is required is that the correct login details be entered, after which the account will be seamlessly loaded. It couldn’t be easier, and we pride ourselves on making your cryptocurrency gambling as user-friendly as possible.

For more information you can always contact our customer support centre.

Focus On Security And Safety

Our Android casino app is quick to download and easy to install, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t also secure. We put a great deal of time into ensuring that every transaction, no matter if it is a deposit or a payout, is protected by cutting edge encryption.

What is cutting edge encryption? It is the ultimate layer of protection between your device and the outside world. CryptoThrills Casino aims to keep the hackers away and give you true peace of mind when you play.

But don’t take our word for how great our Android casino app is. Head to Google Play Store, download it, and see for yourself.